【Must-Visit in Osaka

【Must-Visit in Osaka】A museum which exhibits more than 5000 toys from 80 countries

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【Must-Visit in Osaka】The Junzo Miyamoto Toy Museum “Omakeya ZUNZO”; a museum which exhibits more than 5000 toys from 80 countries

Ebisubashi bridge and Glico board
Osaka’s famous photoshooting spot “Ebisubashi bridge”
Ebisubashi bridge located between Shinsaibashi and Namba is a popular photoshooting location for both Japanese and foreign tourists.
The large advertisement board of Glico is the symbol of this area, and it’s very common for people to take pictures with this board in the background.

By the way, do you know the name “Junzo Miyamoto?”

This Glico board and Junzo Miyamoto has a surprising relationship.

The connection between Glico and Junzo Miyamoto

Picture of toys

Glico is known to be 0ne of the most famous snack companies in Japan.
The snacks come with a small toy, and this triggered the significant popularity among people.

The founder of Glico, Riichi Ezaki was the one who came up with the idea of toys,
but Junzo Miyamoto, who joined Ezaki Glico in 1935, designed about 3000 toys which were included in the snacks by learning from the toys all over the world.

While we were researching about Junzo Miyamoto, we found a place which is worth visiting when you come to Osaka.


The borderless world of toys…The Junzo Miyamoto Toy Museum “Omakeya ZUNZO”

The Junzo Miyamoto Toy Museum —Omakeya ZUNZO— exhibits
Miyamoto liked toys from his early age, and continue to pursue such passion throughout his life by travelling the world and collecting toys from all around the globe.

The nearly 5000 toys collected from 80 nations and the toys which he had designed during his years in Glico are exhibited in Higashi-osaka.
That is The Junzo Miyamoto Toy Museum “Omakeya ZUNZO”

Located 1 minute away from Yaenosato station of Kintetsu Nara Line, The Junzo Miyamoto Toy Museum “Omakeya ZUNZO” is a place where people of various age can enjoy.

In the museum are numerous toys which may seem familiar to exotic toys from overseas.
Some of those toys are now difficult to obtain.
Foreign visitors are sometimes surprised to see toys which they cannot see in their home countries anymore!

The Junzo Miyamoto Toy Museum will allow you to feel the cultures and toys from all round the world.
The admission fee is quite reasonable too, so if you are interested in toys or those who have small children, this place is a must-visit location in Osaka.

Admission fee: Child (4 years old to middle school student) 200 yen / High school and University student 300 yen / Adult 500 yen

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Name of the facilityThe Junzo Miyamoto Toy Museum "Omakeya ZUNZO"
Address3F Yamasan Eito building, 5-1-21 Shimokosaka, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka-fu
Nearest stationYaenosato Station (Kintetsu Nara Line)
Business hoursOpening hours 10:00-17:00 (Final entry at 16:30)
Regular holidayMonday (Please contact the museum in case of group visit) There may be a temporary close day (Please check in advance)
Admission feeChild (4 years old to middle school student) 200 yen; High school and University student 300 yen; Adult 500 yen