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Authentic Soba making experience from the scratch at『Soba Making Experience JIN』in Osaka!

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『Soba noodles』 that Japanese people love.
Recently they are also popular among people from overseas and there are probably many people who say “I have eaten them when I came to Japan for sightseeing!”?

If you have eaten them before why not try to make them yourself as a next step?

This time we introduce the Soba making class 『Soba Making Experience JIN where you can experience Soba making』without hesitation in Sakai City!

The charm of Soba

Picture of the experience
You can eat delicious Soba throughout the year including the chilly and cold “Zaru Soba” in summer and the “Warm Soba” in winter and they are popular among men and women of all ages from children to elderly people.

Moreover the superstition of eating of “New Year Toshikoshi Soba” in Japan for Omisoka (December 31) has become a tradition of the end of the year.

Picture of Warm Soba

Different kinds of Soba

There are various kinds of Soba including “Ni-hachi Soba” and “Juwari Soba” but the Soba you can experience here are “Ni-hachi Soba” which can often be seen in restaurants.

Ni-hachi Soba are Soba made of a 2:8 mixture of wheat flour​ and buckwheat flour.
The Soba made of this proportion are characterized by a supple and smooth texture and by going down smoothly.

In addition the Soba not using wheat flour at all are the “Juwari Soba”.
In comparison to Juwari Soba the Ni-hachi Soba become easy to blend as the protein “gluten” contained in the wheat flour and water are mixed with each other.
The smaller the ratio of wheat flour the looser they become and the more difficult they are to make.

The pleasure to make Soba from scratch
is the charm of the Soba making experience

Picture of participants from overseas
At “Soba Making Experience JIN” you do not simply make Soba, but you can make authentic self-made Soba from scratch.
The recipe is thoroughly explained one-to-one so those who make Soba for the first time can relax and enjoy their experience.
For participants from overseas a sample is shown prior to the experience and the recipe is explained using gestures.
There is no multilingual support but the charm of the Soba making experience is that you can enjoy it sufficiently even without understanding the words.
Recently many people from overseas seem to come to the experience too.

『Making Soba』can be enjoyed regardless of the age

During the first stages of the Soba making process, “adding water” and “kneading”, you mix the buckwheat flour​ with water and knead it. This is quite similar to playing with clay in childhood times and some people feel very nostalgic.
Picture of stretching the dough
After the dough is ready it is stretched with a rolling pin called “noshibo” and you will be surprised as the dough stretches more than you think!
When stretching the dough, it is necessary to stretch it evenly and balance the strength to prevent that the dough becomes uneven.
The secret is sliding the rolling pin without putting too much strength into the shoulder.

And the last step is cutting the Soba evenly.
Picture of making Soba
It is very difficult to cut the Soba evenly and for the first time you will not be able to complete them like the well-ordered beautiful Soba which you receive in the restaurants.
But this is also one of the interesting aspects about making Soba.
It is OK if it does not go smoothly!
You will be full of an inexpressible sense of accomplishment if you become able to arrange them in a nice form after gradually completing them little by little.

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Please check the latest information before your visit.

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Name of the facility
Soba Making Experience JIN

Okuno Building 305, 4-4 Miyamotocho, Kita Ward, Sakai City



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Osaka Metro Midosuji Line "Kitahanada" Station▶ 3 minutes' walk

Business hours
Morning: AM 10:00~
Afternoon: PM 2:00~

1 person: 3,500 yen~ (tax not included)
※The price varies depending on the number of persons.

The number of persons per one experience is limited to 2 adults.
For more persons consultation is required.

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