【One ultimate bowl】W

【One ultimate bowl】Why are the “Golden Sesame Tantanmen Noodles” of “Tenjin Sasara” in Osaka so popular!?

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“Ramen” which are recently very popular in and outside of Japan.
There are several flavours including pork bone, soy sauce and salt and numerous restaurants are located in Osaka.

As part of these we introduce one recommended Ramen restaurant you should definitely visit once in Osaka!

This restaurant’s name is 『Tenjin Sasara』

You have to eat these!
The『Golden Sesame Tantanmen Noodles』of Tenjin Sasara

Picture of Golden Sesame Tantanmen Noodles
Something you definitely have to eat at this restaurant are the “Golden Sesame Tantanmen Noodles”!

Perhaps there are many people who think “spicy” when they hear Tantanmen?
The Tantanmen Noodles of Tenjin Sasara are moderately spicy and easy to eat for those who cannot eat spicy food.
Of course those who like spicy food do not have to worry as you can choose from 6 spicy levels!

A delicious taste that makes you want to eat it many times!

Plenty of the “golden sesame” of the well-established store ”Wadaman” founded in 1883 is used for the soup.

The mellow sesame fragrance and the rich flavour are its characteristics!
And after a while the soup also has a creamy texture and in some way spreads ”kindness”.

Noodles of medium thickness which were made to match to the rich soup are used and their springy texture matches perfectly with the soup.

The Golden Sesame Tantanmen Noodles are the no.1 of this restaurant!

The “Golden Sesame Tantanmen Noodles” of Tenjin Sasara are already very delicious just like it is but the famous secret is not only that!

Enjoy every time you visit♪
Customize towards your preferred taste

To make you enjoy the Ramen there are 5 different kinds of seasonings (Japanese pepper, black pepper, white pepper, chili oil and ground toasted sesame seeds) placed on the tables you can all use for free.

The combinations are certainly infinite and you can customize with your preferred amounts!
You can enjoy your own worldwide unique Tantanmen Noodles!

Combination points to consider

It seems like the seasonings often used are “Japanese pepper” and “ground toasted sesame seeds”.
Among the frequent customers there also seem to be many persons adding these seasonings particularly.

  • Japanese pepper

    The flavour and the pungent spiciness of the Japanese pepper create a nuance you will become addicted to. It matches perfectly with the rich soup!

  • Black pepper

    The flavour adds a punch and will increase the impact the moment you eat.

  • Ground toasted sesame seeds

    The taste of the sesame and richness of the soup increase even more and make the meal substantial and outstanding!
    We recommend the “Rich Golden Sesame Tantanmen Noodles (1,000 Yen)” which contain three times of the usual amount of sesame to those who like sesame!!

  • Chili oil (roasted garlic)

    The chili oil and roasted garlic are not placed on the table but if you ask the staff you can receive it for free.
    It increases the richness and depth and the fragrance of the garlic stimulates your appetite even more.

Arranging the taste with your favourite combination is one of the pleasures unique to this store!!


This too!?
≪Only at night≫ Authentic Chinese food with alcohol!

Picture of excellent dish
At Tenjin Sasara you can enjoy excellent dishes rare for Ramen restaurants!
The authentic Chinese dishes of the chef who has engaged in Chinese food for many years are all excellent!!
They are also an excellent match with alcohol!
Enjoy excellent dishes with alcohol and round off with Ramen.
Enjoying the pleasure of two stores in one store is great.
We do not only recommend going to the restaurant at noon but also at night!

~The thoughts of “Tenjin Sasara”~

Picture of making Ramen
The owner who has valued the words “life is nothing without eating” since the foundation of the stores says that “dealing with food is dealing with one part of the customers’ lives”.
This is a well-known store where you can eat a bowl of the finest quality full of emotions and a special taste and ingredients, so that those you come to the store can leave with various memories and a smile on their face!

Looking good on Instagram!?
Also notice the wall painting! Sugawara no Michizane and “Tenjin Sasara”

Wall painting inside the store
『Karai Tenjin』the incarnation of Sugawara no Michizane (enshrined deity​ of Tenmangu Shrine) is painted on the wall painting inside the store.
In addition to the 『”dragon” of the dragon dance』dancing at “Tenjin Festival”.
It is an impressive painting painted directly by the Japanese artist Fukui.
Please have a look at the original in the store!


Here you can eat delicious Ramen too
We introduce the sister stores as well

Kyobashi Sasara

Picture of the Kyobashi store

3-8-2 Higashinodamachi, Miyakojima Ward, Osaka City

Telephone number

Closest station
■Kyobashi Station (JR Osaka Kanjo line, Keihan line)▶ 2 minutes’ walk

Opening hours
Mon~Thu AM11:30~next day AM1:00 (Last order)
Fri/Sat AM11:30~ next day AM3:00 (Last order)
Sun/Public Holidays AM11:30~ next day AM1:00 (Last order)

Regular holidays
New Year’s Holidays

Temmabashi Sasara

Picture of Temmabashi store

Is Building 2-1-2 Uchi Hiranomachi, Chuo Ward, Osaka City

Telephone number

Closest station
■ Temmabashi Station (Osaka Metro Tanimachi line, Keihan Main line)▶ 5 minutes’ walk

Opening hours
Mon~Fri AM11:30~PM3:00/ PM6:00~PM10:30
Sat/ Public Holidays AM11:30~PM3:00/ PM6:00~PM10:00

Regular Holidays
Sundays (open on public holidays)

What do you think?

Apart from the Tantanmen Noodles “Soy Sauce Ramen” with a blend of three carefully selected soy sauces of a well-established soy sauce maker with a 200 year-old history are offered as well. They are simple but have depth and we recommend them for times when “you want to eat something light”!

We recommend all the stores as every restaurant has their own special menu!

The information on this page may differ from the latest information.
Please check the latest information before your visit.

Name of the facility
Tenjin Sasara

2-1-47 Tenjinbashi, Kita Ward, Osaka City



Nearest station
Osaka Temmangu Station (JR Osaka Kanjo line) Exit no. 2▶ Directly south.
Nearby the sightseeing spot "Osaka Temmangu Shrine"!

Business hours
Mon~Fri AM11:30~PM3:00/ PM6:00~PM10:30
Sat/ Public Holidays AM11:30~PM3:00/ PM6:00~PM10:00

Regular holiday
Sundays (open on public holidays)