【Cycling in Osaka♪】E

【Cycling in Osaka♪】Enjoy cycling at “Kansai Cycle Sports Center” where you can enjoy more than 80 types of unique bicycles

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◆No. 3 Enjoying the beautiful view of Osaka from the “Cycle Parachute.”

This attraction will bring you up to the height of 30 meters by pedaling and will bring you down with a soft landing.
If the weather is nice, visitors will be able to see the wonderful view of Osaka and Kobe!

The speed to ascend depends on the speed of pedaling.
If you try hard to pedal quickly, you will be able to reach the top twice within the time limit of 90 seconds.
If you want to enjoy the marvelous scenery, I recommend you to continue pedaling! (The car will automatically start descending after 90 seconds)

◆No.4 Enjoy the nature of the “Cycling Course.”

With the total length of 3 km, visitors can enjoy cycling this 15-minutes-course.
Visitors can refresh by cycling the course located within the great nature of  Kongō-Ikoma-Kisen Quasi-National Park.
You can enjoy riding bicycles which are familiar to you or more unique ones such as mountain bike or cross bike.
There are also electric bicycles for those who are not used to riding long distance.

Enjoy the beautiful nature, and you’ll probably feel refreshed after the ride

■Recommended route to enjoy the park■

Here, I will inform you the recommended route for those who can’t decide what to ride.

1、First, the “Unique bicycles.”
Near the main entrance, there is a long downhill.
It might be a good call to enjoy the “Unique bicycles” which is located at the end of the downhill while you still have some stamina to spare!

2、”Cycling parachute” and the “Maze”
“Cycle parachute” is located next to the unique bicycles, so you will be able to enjoy the ride without going back up the hill.
Also, there is “Ricky and Lingling’s forest maze,” where you can collect stamps while exploring the maze. Why don’t you enjoy the maze which is located near the maze?
3、”Cycle luge” on the hill
After enjoying riding the unique bicycles and scenery, entertain yourself with the exciting Cycle luge!
4、Lastly, “Cycling Course.”
After enjoying the rides and amusements, refresh by riding the bike through the amazing nature!

Kansai Cycle Sports Center allows you to enjoy cycling in many ways.
It’s nice how you can not only enjoy but also exercise by cycling♪

Definitely a must-go place!

※The article is based on the information of October 2017. The price of entrance may vary based on the rides, so please refer to the homepage for further details.
☆The recommended ticket is the Free pass!
(Taller than 110 cm: 2000 yen, Shorter than 110 cm: 12oo yen) (Additional entrance fee required)

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Name of the facility
Kansai Cycle Sports Center

1304 Amano-cho, Kawachinagano-shi



Nearest station
Kawachinagano Station (Kintetsu Kawachinagano line)▶20 min. by bus

Nearest bus stop
Kansai Cycle Sports Center

Regular holiday
Tuesdays/ There are other holidays during December and January. Please refer to the homepage for further details.※ Opening hours and attractions may suddenly change based on weather conditions such as typhoon and snow.

Prices vary depending on the rides, so please refer to the homepage for further details.