Tea and Cats at Cat

Tea and Cats at Cat Cafes?

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Do you know of “cat cafes”?
A cat cafe is a cafe with cats just like its name.
The popularity of cat cafes in Japan is high, and it is something that you will often see in towns.
This time, I would like to introduce cat cafes.
A cat cafe is a coffee shop that offers you tea while you are surrounded by cats, leaving the cats indoors.
As cats are released, they travel freely within the shop, so customers who are relaxed by looking at or touching the cats frequently visit this place.
The first known “cat cafe” was “Cat Garden (Kakuhanaen)” which first opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998 and is regarded as the world’s first cat cafe. The first in Japan opened in Osaka’s Kita-ku in 2004 under the name of “Cat’s Time.”Cat
The charm of a cat cafe is that you can see the cats’ closely.
It is exciting to be able to see an animal acting in a way that is not normally seen, such as sleeping peacefully, playing innocently, eating rice and so on.
Sometimes cats may not just play and allow themselves to be stroked but also they may sit on the guest’s knees.
For cat lovers, “cat cafes” are an ideal place.

cat on the counter
There are a couple of things to take note of in cat cafes as you are touching living creatures.
1. Hygiene. Do not give your meal to the cats and do not make contact with them while eating.
2. Follow the rules of the shop. Depending on the shop there may be different rules on how to interact with cats and how to spend time at the cafe. Please follow the rules to have a wonderful time.
For other precautions, please follow the rules of the cafe.

Cat in the bag
Cat cafés are a recommended relaxing spot for cat lovers and those who love animals.
In addition to cat cafes, the number of cafés where one can interact with various animals is increasing.
It might be fun to go to such an unusual cafe which looks just like a typical coffee shop.