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Where is the tourist destination attracting the most tourists?

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For sightseeing spots in Osaka, where would you go?
You would probably say Namba, Shinsaibashi, Umeda and Shinsekai but actually, Airbnb released a ranking titled “Top Places to Visit in 2017” and Konohana-ku in Osaka is placed as the 4th in the world ranking.
Here’s the full list for 2017:

1. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA: 1,500% growth
2. Kampung Baru in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 976% growth
3. Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia: 770% growth
4. Konohana in Osaka, Japan: 609% growth
5. Chutes Lavie in Marseille, France: 604% growth
6. Rockcliffe-Smythe in Toronto, Canada: 497% growth
7. Midtown in Miami, Florida, USA: 430% growth
8. Narvarte in Mexico City, Mexico: 264% growth
9. West Seattle, Washington, USA: 230% growth
10. Usera in Madrid, Spain: 228% growth
11. Din Daeng/Huai Kwang in Bangkok, Thailand: 218% growth
12. Chippendale in Sydney, Australia: 204% growth
13. Daehangno Street in Seoul, South Korea: 203% growth
14. Lyndale in Minneapolis, Minnesota: 193% growth
15. Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland: 180% growth
16. Chacarita in Buenos Aires, Argentina: 172% growth
17. Žižkov in Prague, Czech Republic: 103% growth

At Konohana-ku, you can find Universal Studios Japan (USJ).
USJ announced that the cumulative number of visitors was over 150 million people on November 7th, 2016.
It is Japan’s representative theme park, where the number of visitors has grown year after year by holding events and introducing popular attractions.
There are other popular tourist attractions such as Osaka Aquarium and Tempozan although there are no other Konohana-kus.
However, other spots are unknown to the locals and “Konohana Ward is ranked 4th in the world!?” is an honest response from the local people.
So, I would like to introduce the recommended spots of Konohana Ward, which surprisingly are not known by the locals.

大阪市環境局 舞洲工場の外観

First of all, the “Environment Bureau of the Osaka City Maishima Factory”.
It looks like an amusement park, but it is actually a garbage disposal facility.
The exterior was designed by Mr. Friedensreich Hundertwasser who was an artist from Vienna. It is the symbol of harmony of technology, ecology and art.
It is surrounded by many greens as a symbol of harmony with nature, and the red and yellow stripes on the wall express the flame burning inside the factory.
It is already interesting enough just to see the factory but if you make a reservation in advance, you can also take a tour within the factory.




Maishima sports island
Comprehensive leisure facility with multiple sports facilities.
You can enjoy a variety of sports and events, BBQ and beach flies at the beach, and the pavement extends parallel to the island so you can enjoy jogging and cycling.
In addition, the accommodation facilities such as the auto campground, hotel and lodge are enriched. You can spend the day feeling close to land, sea and sky, and you can watch the sun set over the sea with a refreshing breeze.




Osaka Hokko Marina
You can experience stand up paddles, wake boarding, cruising, boat rides, etc. in facilities in the city.
There is also a school where you can experience marine sports (even for beginners).
In addition, there is guest house in which you can stay.
It is a relaxing space where guests can communicate with each other and experience international communication with foreign users.
Why not try the marine experience at the urban marina?



What do you think?
There are recommended spots in Konohana-ku which local people don’t even know and there are still many things to tell the world about Konohana-ku.
Konohana-ku ranked 4th in the “Top Places to Visit in 2017” list, so why not visit Konohana-ku to see the hidden charm of the city?