Wear a Kimono and be

Wear a Kimono and become a different you【Tenma Kimono】

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There are many stores lining up at Japan’s longest shopping street Tenjinbashi-Suji.
All the stores are charming and catch the eye.
This store is one of them. We introduce “Tenma Kimono”, a Kimono rental store.

Wear a Kimono and become a different you

Have you ever worn a Kimono??
In recent years you can often see people who, regardless of the season or events, go out for fun or sightseeing wearing Kimonos to enjoy a mood and atmosphere different from usual.
There are many kinds of Kimonos.
Picture of Kimono
“Tenma Kimono” offers more than 100 different kinds of stylish, retro and modern Kimonos which blend Western culture with the traditional Japanese clothing based on the topic Taisho novel.
You can select everything from Kimono to Obi (Kimono sash) from various Kimonos matching your taste. Since there are so many Kimonos you may be confused what to choose but the store helps you to coordinate your outfit so please do not hesitate to ask!!
After making a choice, get dressed!!!
You will get dressed in a special room inside the store.
After getting dressed you will surely feel different from usual?!

Taking photos to create memories!!

“Tenma Kimono” also has a photo corner inside the store.
Many Japanese-style items are provided and you can surely take a picture you cannot take usually.
How about taking pictures of many different poses for your sightseeing memory!?
Moreover you can take pictures with a professional photographer if you book in advance.
On this special occasion, saving the wonderful appearance in Kimono in a special way can be a fantastic memory!!
Image picture of photography

Sightseeing with a slightly different atmosphere!?

Picture of sightseeing wearing a Kimono (image)
After getting dressed you can also go outside. Let’s try going out to do sightseeing in Osaka wearing a Kimono.
There are many sightseeing attractions suitable for Kimonos nearby “Tenma Kimono”.
If you take a walk around Osaka Tenmangu or Nakanoshima Public Hall and Osaka castle nearby the store you will without any doubt have feelings and memories you cannot experience by doing normal sightseeing.
Of course it would be nice to not only visit places surrounded by a Japanese atmosphere but also shopping districts like Umeda and Namba!?
This can be a new feeling different from usual!?
Moreover it is also possible to take pictures at the sightseeing spots with the professional photographer mentioned before. Taking pictures at locations outside the studio will create even more wonderful souvenirs and memories.
Picture of taking photographs at a sightseeing spot (image)

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Name of the facility
Tenma Kimono

Tenma Garden 2F 3-4-14 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
■Temma Station (JR Osaka Kanjo line)▶ 8 min. walk
■Minami-morimachi Station (Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line, Osaka Metro Tanimachi line)▶ 5 min. walk
■Ogimachi Station (Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line)▶ 5 min. walk

Business hours
11:00 - 20:00
(Reception for the very day until 18:00 / return of Kimonos until 19:30)

Regular holiday
Open throughout the year