【Cycling in Osaka♪】E

【Cycling in Osaka♪】Enjoy cycling at “Kansai Cycle Sports Center” where you can enjoy more than 80 types of unique bicycles

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Do you know “Kansai Cycle Sports Center ” located in Kawachinagano, Osaka?

This amusement park provides an interesting experience for both children and adults to enjoy riding bicycles which some can only be found here. The park can be enjoyed in multiple ways, including refreshing of to exercising.

Today, we would like to recommend some attractions and routes to enjoy at Kansai Cycle Sports Center!
Please enjoy playing at the park using this information.

☆Recommended Attraction☆

◆No. 1 Exciting “Unique bicycles.”

Unique bicycle 1

Unique bicycle 2
Unique bicycle 3

The top recommendation which we learned by interviewing the employees at the park was unique bicycles.
Visitors can enjoy riding rare bicycles in the spacious park. There are 800 bicycles, ranging from ones with cute designs to ones with unique movement or ones that can be enjoyed with friends and families!
Some of them are very difficult to ride or drive.
Are you guys capable of driving such bicycles? I was not able to drive some of them…
Some of the bicycles were made from the ideas given by the customers!
The park is currently seeking for new ideas, so why don’t you send some ideas?
Maybe your idea might become a reality…

◆No.2 The thrilling “Cycle luge.”

The rare ride was born in New Zealand and it is very popular there!
This thrilling attraction involves going down a steep downhill by riding a sled with a handle.
This car which can only be controlled its speed by pushing or pulling the handle, it more difficult than it may seem.
This ride definitely will entertain you once you experience the thrill♪

There are many visitors who come just for this attraction.

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Name of the facility
Kansai Cycle Sports Center

1304 Amano-cho, Kawachinagano-shi



Nearest station
Kawachinagano Station (Kintetsu Kawachinagano line)▶20 min. by bus

Nearest bus stop
Kansai Cycle Sports Center

Regular holiday
Tuesdays/ There are other holidays during December and January. Please refer to the homepage for further details.※ Opening hours and attractions may suddenly change based on weather conditions such as typhoon and snow.

Prices vary depending on the rides, so please refer to the homepage for further details.