The Top 8 Summer Fir

The Top 8 Summer Fireworks Festivals in Osaka! 2017

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Bentenshunatsumatsurihounou Fireworks Festival


Bentenshunatsumatsurihounou Fireworks Festival(Ibaraki city・3,000 shots)

Predicted number of people:100,000

Also known as Benten’s fireworks festival. The fireworks are an offering to God and are enjoyed by the local people.
The gold and silver starmine at the very end is one of its highlights. Another interesting firework that can be seen here is a firework in the shape of a balloon flower.


Predicted date:August 8th(Tue) 7:30pm~8:30pm

Place:Bentenshu Meioji

Access:Ibaraki Station (JR Tokaido main line)→Kintetsu Bus bound for Ibarakibenten (10 minutes ride)

Kawabehachiman Shrine Autumn Festival


Kawabehachiman Shrine Autumn Festival

(Hirano ward, Number of Fireworks: not announced)

Predicted number of people: 30,000

The fireworks go up in the event called Ashiaraijinji, which is an event held in September where a small shrine is carried into Yamato river.

The fireworks shot up close by compared to other festivals are very impressive and exciting to watch.

Predicted date:September 16th (Sat) 7:30pm~8:00pm

Place:Near Kawabehachiman Shrine, riverbed of Yamato river

Access:15 minutes walk from Nagahara Station (Osaka Metro Tanimachi line)

Kishiwada Harbor Fireworks Festival


Kishiwada Harbor Fireworks Festival(Kishiwada city・1500 shots)

Predicted number of people:18,000

A fireworks festival that represents Senshu from 1953

Not only can you enjoy fireworks at this festival but you can also enjoy a water show performed by the Japan Coast Guard’s patrol boats at this festival.

Predicted date:July 29th (Sat) 8:00pm~9:00pm

Place:Kishiwadashi Jizohamacho Hannanminatominami Ikku Ganpeki

Access:25 minutes walk from Kishiwada Station (Nankai railway main line)

Harvest Hill Summer Fireworks Event


Harvest Hill Summer Fireworks Event(Sakai city・200o shots)

Predicted number of people: 10,000


A fireworks event held at Harvest Hill. Enjoy the fireworks along with flowers animals and all kinds plants.

Known for its smiley face and heart-shaped fireworks.


Predicted date:August 13th (Sun),15th(Tue) 7:45pm~

Place:Harvest Hill Outdoor Stage

Access:Use the Senboku high-speed railway to Izumigaoka Station then use the Nankai route bus bound for Harvest Hill (20 minutes ride)

What do you think?

There are all kinds of festivals in the summer in Japan. Pick your favorite festival considering the place, number of people, or the number of fireworks.

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