Introduction to【Famo

Introduction to【Famous Cherry Blossom Spots in the Southern Area of Osaka】recommended “little known places” vividly blooming!

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The cherry blossom viewing season which many people look forward to every year!
During the season various places are crowded with people who visit for festivals or flower viewing.

Speaking of Osaka’s famous cherry blossom spots, “Osaka Castle Park”, “Osaka Mint Bureau” and the “Expo Commemoration Park” are popular but there are many other famous cherry blossom places in Osaka.

This time we introduce recommended『Famous Cherry Blossom Spots』including Kishiwada, Sakai and Izumisano which are located in the area of the southern part of Osaka!

Recommended famous cherry blossom spots

【Kishiwada City】Collaboration of the cherry blossom and history
Cherry blossom of Kishiwada Castle

Picture of Kishiwada Castle in full Cherry Blossom
“Kishiwada Castle”, a famous Cherry Blossom spot representing Kishiwada.
The highlight is Kishiwada Castle you see through the cherry blossoms!
At night you can see an illuminated collaboration of the castle and night cherry blossoms and enjoy a magical scenery.

※Picture provided by: Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Best viewing time of the year
End of March ~ beginning of April

9-1 Kishikicho Kishiwada City

Nankai Main Line “Kishiwada” Station▶ 7 minutes’ walk

Cherry blossom viewing is free of charge
Entrance fee for the castle tower: Adults 300 Yen, free of charge for elementary and middle school students and below

【Sakai City】Distinguished famous spot along the Nankai Line
Cherry blossom of Hamadera Park

Cherry Blossom of Hamadera Park
“Hamadera Park”, a distinguished and famous cherry blossom spot along the Nankai Line.
The tunnel of cherry blossoms magnificently blooming is popular and an incredible scenery which makes you spontaneously catch your breath!
A recommended spot we want you to see with your own eyes and pass through on that occasion.

※Picture provided by: Executive office of Hamadera Park

Best viewing time of the year
End of March ~ beginning of April

Hamadera Koencho, Nishi Ward, Sakai City

Nankai Main Line “Hamadera Koen” Station▶ 3 minutes’ walk
Directly at Hankai Line “Hamaderaekimae” Station

Free of charge

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Please check the latest information before your visit.

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