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【Osaka Halloween 2018】Recommended Halloween Spots & Parties in Osaka!

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Prpbably the most famous halloween spots in Osaka is by the “Ebisu bridge”, a symbolic place of Osaka with the glico neon sign, and the “Universal Surprise Halloween” in Universal Studio Japan, where you can enjoy three different halloween events. However, today we will introduce you the halloween spots and parties with costume discounts.

BIGSTEP HALLOWEEN(Osaka Shinsaibashi)


BIGSTEP will change it’s colour into the perfect Halloween mood during 20th Sept~31st Oct!
A huge Jack-o’-lantern will appear in the front of the big stairs.
Let’s visit in a costume and take photos!
Check out this year’s characters for the giant Jack-o’-lantern.


Place:Shinsaibashi BIGSTEP
Date:20th Sept. 2018(Wed)~31st Oct. 2018(Tue)
Address:Osaka city, Chuo-ku, Nishi-Shinsaibashi 1-6-14


HALLOWEEN FLOOR2018(Osaka Umeda)

A photo of FLOOR2018
Source:Umekita FLOOR

An “evil” themed halloween event.
The evil wine and evil meshi(dish) will be served during the event.
Let’s challenge the questionnaire to win the make-up tickets for PARTY NIGHT by ordering the official wine or the evil meshi at the stores!


PARTY NIGHT will be held on 31st October.
Visit this event in a costume to get the official wine for the special price.


Place:Grand Front Osaka North Building 6F
Date:1st Oct. 2018(Mon)~31st Oct.2018(Wed)
Time:am11:00~am4:00 Sundays and National Holidays am11:00~pm11:00
Address:Osaka city, Kita-ku, Ofuka-cho 4-1!


The Most Fearful Event in the History of HEPFIVE HALLOWEEN (Umeda HEP FIVE)

A horror story inside the gondora of the wheel above 106m high, no way to escape.
There are two different stories “Hitoribocchi(Alone)” and “Norowareta Kannadzuki (Cursed June)” will be happening in the wheel, and the decoration for inside and outside is perfectly matched to the stories to make your experience even more fearful.
The story will be played by the voice of “Hiragi Rumi” who played the main character in the Ghibli movie “Spirited Away” and the others.
Try to find the hidden QR code in the car to watch the story in video.


Address:Osaka, Osaka city, Kita-ku,Kakuda-cho 5-15

Horror Wheel「Kaidan Sha」
Date:1st October (Mon)~31st October(Wed)
Opening Hours:am11:00~pm11:00(Last entry pm10:45)

Horror Sweets Present
Date:20th October(Sat)・21st(Sun)
Time:am11:00~※Will end when all the stocks are gone.
For:For customers with shopping receipts in HEPFIVE for more than 1000 yen purchase
Prize:444 of “Mogitoru-kun” in two days total(First come first served)

Halloween Make Up Service
Date:27th October(Sat)・28th(Sun)
Time:am11:00~pm11:00※Last Reception pm7:30
※Free(First come first reserved)

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