【Power Spots In Osak

【Power Spots In Osaka】Increase Your Luck In Temples and Shrines!

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Summer has almost gone, and autumn is almost there.
It is the most comfortable and fresh season throughout the year.Best season to walk around for sight seeing.

Especially “Shrine visiting” our recommendation for this season!
Let’s increase your luck by visiting powerful spiritual places.
We will introduce you the 5 best shrines and temples in Osaka city, accessible from stations within 10 minutes walk.

Osaka Tenmangu

A photo of Osaka Tenmangu
Osaka Tenmangu is familiar to Japanese people with a nickname “Tenma-no-Tenjinsan”.
This place is visited by many people around entrance exam season to pray for god of studies, “Sugawara-no-Michizane”.
“Toryu-mon” inside the shrine is known as a sacred gate for social success and promotions. During the exam season this place will be open to public to pray for success in examination by walking through the gate. (Entrance ticket will be required to walk through the gate. The ticket will be provided to people bought good luck charm)

Tenjinbashisuji Shotengai is the longest shopping gallery in Japan. Many shops are standing in a line.
Please check out “Cafe Osaka Chakai”, where you an enjoy a new style Japanese tea cafe located next to the entrance from Tenmangu side for a tea break after your visit to the shrine.

≪Access to Osaka Tenmangu≫

・5 minutes walk from JR Tozai Line【Osaka Tenmangu Station】
・5 minutes walk from OsakaMetro Sakaisuji Line【Minamimorimachi Station】

Sumiyoshi Taisha

A photo of Sumiyoshi-Taisha Shrine
A photo of Soribashi bridge

The Grand Head Shrine of the many Sumiyoshi-Taisha Shrines throughout Japan in located in Sumiyoshi-ward, Osaka.
There are many architectures and cultural properties preserved as national treasures and important cultural properties.
Also many historical sightseeing spots are located inside the shrine site over 99 thousands ㎡.
View from Sorihashi bridge on your way to the main shrine building is beautiful and it is said you can get purified by just crossing the bridge.

≪Access to Sumiyoshi Taisha≫

・Next to the Hankai Tramway【Sumiyoshi Torii Mae Station】
・1 minute walk from Nankai Main Line【Sumiyoshi Taisha Station】

The information on this page may differ from the latest information.
Please check the latest information before your visit.

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