Pandas in Osaka!? A

Pandas in Osaka!? A panda paradise in Nihonbashi

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Panda Waffles aren’t the only specialty! Check out the Panda Float

A float with a panda on top

Nagata-san, the owner of the shop says “It’s absolutely necessary that panda sweets are cute!”
The ice cream on Osaka Panda’s floats look like the face of a panda. They are so cute that many customers endlessly take pictures until the drink melts away.
The Panda floats are 540 yen and come in coffee, black tea, and orange juice flavors.
All of the menus are made to-go, so take your panda on an Osaka adventure!


Handmade Panda Items!

Original panda goods on the shelves
On the left-hand side of the shop is a shelf with various panda items. The characters are designed by Nagata-san himself, combining panda and Osaka landmarks.
The handmade items each have distinct features; find the perfect one-and-only panda item for you!
The panda candies are made in collaboration with “Sakai Aruhei-do Handmade Goods” and are made using traditional craftsmen techniques.

There is also the “panda mirror,” in which visitors can transform into panda bears themselves.
Take the perfect Instagram picture while you are waiting in line for the register.

5 minutes from Ebisucho station: enjoy the old-school feel of Nihonbashi Shopping Street

Enterance of Nihonbashi Shopping Street
Nihonbashi Shopping Street

The store is just a 5 minute-walk from the 1B exit of Ebisumachi Station (Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line). Step into Nihonbashi Shopping Street and you will find old-fashioned shops lined up on the streets.
There are stores owned by traditional craftsmen, and places selling kimono at a reasonable price…Its worth just walking around to enjoy.


Even those who are not too interested in pandas are sure to enjoy the unique shop! Before you know it, you will be trapped in the majestic world of pandas. Just come and see!

Menu items and open hours are subject to change; please check the HP for details.

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Name of the facility
Osaka Panda

4-13-15 Nipponbashi, Naniwa-ward, Osaka-shi


Nearest station
■Namba Station (Nankai line)▶10 min. walk
■Ebisucho Station (Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line)▶5 min. walk from exit 1B

Business hours
Open hours depend on days; please contact for details

Regular holiday
Irregular holidays

Menu items and open hours are subject to change. Please check the HP before visiting.