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【Firework Festivals in Osaka 2018】Top 9 fireworks festivals in Osaka

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Japan’s most exciting event of the year: Fireworks Festivals

Summer 2018.

Like every year, fireworks festivals will be held all over Osaka.

Each one has its own uniqueness and can be enjoyed in a different way. It’s probably very hard to choose from all the different festivals…so here is the annual ranking by expected turnout!

2018 Osaka Fireworks Festivals Days

■ July 2018 ■

July 25th (Wed)

Tenjin Festival Fireworks (Kita-ku and Miyakojima-ku; 4,000 fireworks)

Place: Kawasaki Park, Sakuranomiya Park

July 28 (Sat)

Kishiwada port festival fireworks(Kishiwada-shi, 1500 fireworks)

Place: Kishiwadashi Jizohamacho, Kishiwada Hannan Kounan 1-ku quay wall

■ August 2018 ■

August 1 (Wed)

Kyoso Festival PL Fireworks (Tondabayashi-shi; 20,000 fireworks)

Place:Kokyu Country Club

August 4 (Sat)

Naniwa Yodo River Fireworks Festival (Yodogawa-ku, 20000 fireworks)

Place: Downstream of Shinmidosuji Yodo river rail bridge

August 8 (Wed)

Bentenshu Summer Festival Fireworks (Ibaraki-shi, 3000 fireworks)

Place: Bentenshu Meioji Temple 

August 12 (Sun) and 14 (Tue)

Harvest Hill Summer Fireworks Event  (Sakai-shi, 2000 fireworks)

Place: Harvest Hill outside stage 

August 18 (Sat)

Inagawa Fireworks (Ikeda-shi and Kawanishi-shi, 4000 fireworks)

Place: Around 1 and 2 Chome, Momozono, Ikeda-shi Alongside Inagawa river

■ September 2018 ■

September 1 (Sat) and 2 (Sun)

Senshu Lights and Sound Dream Fireworks (Sennan-shi; 20,000 fireworks)

Place: Rinku-minamihama Park (address: Rinku-minamihama, Sennan-shi, Osaka Prefecture)

September 15 (Sat)

Kawanabe Hachiman Shrine Fall Festival(Hirano-ku, fireworks numbers unknown)

Place:Around Kawanabe Hachiman Shrine, Yamato Riverside


※Dates may change due to weather

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