【Osaka’s Hot S

【Osaka’s Hot Spa】Hot spa for beauty, health and healing

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Many people go to hot spas for many reasons. Some go after a family trip after exercise to heal their tired bodies, some go for their health or for beautiful skin using the hot stone bath.

In today’s article, we will introduce you to natural springs, open baths, saunas, hot stone baths that can be enjoyed in Osaka!




~Natural Hot Spa Nobehanoyu Habikino Main store~ Experience the Korean-style sauna

retrieved from:Natural hot spa nobeyanoyu

The place has a large bath inside with 6 different kinds of open-air baths outside. Also, there are 2 saunas, which various events can be experienced.

The 6 open-air baths are Gensenkakenagashi (water directly from the spring)/Seasonal hot spa/Gensen Rock bath/Shigarakiyaki pot bath/herb bath/lying bath.

In the Korean-style sauna experience detoxification with the far infrared rays and sweat all of your body waste.

The Nobehanoyu is not only in Habikino but also has stores in Osaka-shi Higashinariku and Mikishi of Hyogo.



Address:Osaka-fu Habikino-shi Hirose186-3    TEL:072-950-1126
Open Hours:10:00~25:00 ※24:00 Last Entry (Korean-style sauna is open until 23:00)
Holidays:Open everyday(except days of inspection)
entry fee:
【bathing】(with face towel)
・Adults(junior-high school students and over)850Yen/Children(Elementary school students and under)450Yen/Under 3 years old are free
【Korean-style sauna】
・Adults(Junior-high school students and over)850Yen/Children(Elementary school students and under)550Yen/
Under 3 years old are free (additional fee of 200Yen for sauna clothing)

~Tsurumiryokuchiyumoto Suishun~ Experience detoxification and beautiful skin with 6 different hot stone bathing.


retrieved from:Tsurumiryokuchiyumoto Suishun

The next hot spa is Tsurumiryokuchiyumoto Suishun. This place has 13 kinds of different spas including rock baths and lying baths.

Out in the open air, relax in the cool wind and green outside while enjoying the rock baths, or feel your blood flow in the carbonated baths.

Also, the 6 kinds of hot stone baths will make your body healthy in many different ways from the inside. If you feel that your body is tired or you are lacking exercise, please try not only the normal baths but also the hot stoned baths too.

Their hot stone baths only for women.

Address:Osaka-fu Osaka-ski Tsurumi-ku Ryokuchikouen1-37

Open hours:【Weekdays】9:00~26:00(Last entry 25:00)【Weekends・National Holidays】6:00~26:00(Last entry 25:00)
Holidays:Open everyday(※except the days of maintenance)
【Bathing】Weekdays Adults(Over Junior high school)800Yen/Children(Elementary school students)400Yen/Pre-schoolers 200Yen
Weekends・National Holidays Adults(Over Junior high school)900Yen/Children(Elementary school student)450Yen/Pre-schoolers 250Yen

【Hot stone bath】Weekdays Adults(Over Junior high school)900Yen/Children(Elementary school students)600Yen
Weekends・National Holidays Adults(Over Junior high school)1000Yen/Children(Elementary school student)700Yen

~Settsukyo・Hananosato-onsen Sansuikan~ A Healing moment in nature

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Settsukyo is a canyon that spreads on the middle-upstream of Akutagawa river that flows through Takatsukishi

Sansuikan is a place where you can look down on the canyon of settsukyo and listen to the river flow.

The open-air bath in the beautiful scenery is a wonderful experience.

Relax in the 2 different kinds of natural spas and heal your exhaustion.


Address:OsakaOsaka-shi Tsurumi-ku ryokuchikouen1-37

Open hours:One day spa Early hours 11:00~14:45/Late hours 15:30~20:00 (19:00 Last entry)
Entry fee:【Bathing】Adults/ 1,400Yen/Children/800Yen(Elementary school students and under)
※Under 2 hours of use ※Visitors who have entered during the early hour period cannot stay later than 14:45




How was Osaka’s hot spa article part 1? If you feel that you have been tried lately, why don’t you take some time to refresh your body in a hot spa?

※The information and photos in this article may not be up to date. Please check before visiting the facilities.