Another side of 『Kin

Another side of 『Kinoshita Circus』you cannot know just by watching!

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A thrilling show highlight
The “Trapeze” always means danger and adjoining each other!

There might be many people who think “Circus = Trapeze”.
At Kinoshita Circus where the spectacular “Trapeze” is also the last performance of the show, there were cruel battles one cannot imagine from the appearance of the show which always seems to be fun.
Picture of the trapeze①

The Trapeze in summertime is a battle with a “fierce heat”

The Trapeze performance which is conducted at 13 meters above ground reaches a heat of above 50 degrees in summer.
The artists wrap bleached cotton around their wrists and add anti-skid powder so that they don’t slip from the sweat.
One wouldn’t even imagine that it becomes this hot, right?
Picture of the trapeze②
Even if it looks magnificent and successful from the viewer’s side, the artists say that sometimes they startle when they seem to slip.
If this happens the catching performers immediately conduct a course correction.
The catchers view the performance every day and fully consider the flyers’ characters, their habits and their physical condition on the day of performance.

The audience can enjoy excitement and emotions just because the artists of the “Trapeze”, the Circus’ highlight, perform with fun!

Whichever performance, such a magnificent and dynamic show which offers deep emotions for spectators is only possible because there is hardship behind the scenes which you don’t know just by watching the show. Once again you can feel how amazing Kinoshita Circus is!

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