【Ienchu Sakaba】 Tast

【Ienchu Sakaba】 Taste the rare beef brand “Iegyu” and win the tickets for Okinawa in Osaka Umeda

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Doyama-cho is an area in Osaka Umeda where many shops and restaurants stands next to each other.
Many popular local restaurants are located in the narrow districts accessible from the Hankyu higashinakadori gallery.
The restaurant we are introducing in this article will not be too difficult to find with the Shisa pictured shop sign.

The restaurant is “Ienchu Sakaba”.
The name derives to Iejima island located to the west of Okinawa main island, the master’s hometown.

Many rare foods you cannot easily try in Osaka is available in here.

What is Ienchu Sakaba?

Enjoy the real Okinawan foods made with the ingredients from master’s hometown “Iejima island”!
This welcoming restaurant is filled with the laughter of customers everynight.
Due to the new hotel’s opening in the neighbourhood, this place is becoming popular among foreign tourists.
Ienchu Sakaba has menus in other languages. Please visit with no worries about the making orders.

Only available in here- The rare “Iegyu” beef brand

As mentioned, Iejima island is the master’s home town.
“Iegyu” is a rare beef brand from Iejima island.
Iegyu is the cows bred in the nature of island, usually exported as calves to become brand beefs in other regions after 6~12 months from birth.
Since then a very few number of Ie-gyu cattle are bred in the island. These are called “Maboroshi-no-ushi” which means they are rare as an illusion.
You can find a place to try this beef nowhere else in Osaka, but here.

Less fat, strong taste of lean meat but soft touch. The flavour spreads in your mouth as you chew gently.
Let’s not miss this opportunity to try Iegyu in Osaka.
Usually the beef is prepared as a steak or broiled tataki. If you are lucky, curry and croquettes, too.

Catching new trends in Okinawa

Not only the major Okinawa foods such as “Rafute” and fresh sea grapes, they always imports the latest trends in Okinawa.
The freshness of sea grapes explains their efforts and neat works to keep the quality of ingredients.
*Rafute: One of the popular Okinawa local cuisine. Spicy sweet chicken legs with skin stewed with awamori and soy sauce.
*Sea grapes: Sea weeds distributed in south-west islands in Japan. Also known as “green caviars”.

Exceptional drinking time with Ryukyu glasses

“Awamori” cannot be missed if you want to fully enjoy Okinawa cuisines.
Tasty awamori and sake poured in a beautiful Ryukyu glass induces you for another glass, and then another.
Check out the beautiful patterns and colours of the glasses.

Let’s go to Okinawa with the shop points!

Delicious Okinawa foods and drinks are not the only things you can enjoy in Ienchu Sakaba.
There is a chance for you to win the lottery for “pair tickets to Okinawa trip” by collecting the restaurant points.
Very simple to collect the points- Even an order of dishes will be counted. Depending on the points you collected, you can apply for the various prizes.
By collecting the points until the maximum limit, surprisingly the tickets for “Okinawa pair trip” will be presented by the restaurant.
Absolutely no demerits for customers-now let’s drink, eat and collect the point for the trip!
Apparently there are some customers actually went to the trip with the shop points.

Okinawa might be a nice destination after Osaka!

Name of the facility
Ienchu Sakaba

8-16 Tower C Doyama-cho, Kita-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
■Osaka Station (JR line)▶7 min. walk
■Umeda Station (Hankyu line)▶5 min. walk
■Higashi-Umeda Station (Osaka Metro Tanimachi line )▶5 min. walk

Business hours
18:00~ Next 7:00

Regular holiday
No holidays

2,000 yen - 3,000 yen