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[Osaka Chakai] New style cafe to enjoy pottery and Japanese tea

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Nowadays,”Japanese tea” and “Ceramic potteries” are popular not only inside Japan but also overseas.
However, there are still so many unknown aspects of them, waiting for us to get discovered.
This place 『CAFE Osaka Chakai』suggestss you to enjoy both in new style to discover more about them, not only for Japanese but also foreigners!

Cafe in “the most natural place in middle of city”【Osaka Chakai】

Inside and Outside of shop
Many products gather in Osaka city since it has 400 years of development history as the lagoon city in Japan. Osaka was called ”The world’s kitchen”.
Especially ”Japanese tea” and ”potteries” are still popular nowadays, but still they have secret attractions to discover.
And here, ”Osaka Chakai” is the place to enjoy those two in a brand new style. Inside is designed mainly with wooden materials, producing calm atmosphere.

What is their new style?

Photo of green tea
Choice shelf inside the shop

Not only ”Green”, but also ”Roasted/Genmai” tea is available.
Tea leaves will get grind after orders for original drinks and some deserts. You will catch the real fragrance of freshly milled tea.
You cannot miss to check the potteries used in here. They are collections of potteries from all over Japan.
When you make a order for drinks, you can also make choice of which pottery to have your drink with from ”Choice shelf”.
Map above the shelf shows where the ceramic potteries are from. Choosing your favorite ones and discovering it’s area is a lot of fun.
Osaka Chakai drinks are loved by wide generations. From orthodox menu to casual drinks such as latte, shake, soda…Varieties of drink styles are available.

Now, let’s have a look at most popular recommended menu-the green tea!

The information on this page may differ from the latest information.
Please check the latest information before your visit.

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Name of the facility
CAFE Osaka Chakai

2-1-25-1F Tenjin-bashi, Kita-ward, Osaka-shi




Nearest station
■Osaka Tenmangu Station (JR Tozai line) ▶2 min. walk from Exit 3
■Minami-Mori machi Sstation (Osaka Metro Tanimachi line, Osaka Metro Sakaisuji line)▶2 min. walk from Exit 4-B

Business hours
Sunday 10:00 - 21:30(L.O.)
Monday - Thuesday 11:00 - 21:30(L.O.)
Friday 11:00 - 22:30(L.O.)
Saturday 10:00 - 22:30(L.O.)

Regular holiday
No Holidays