Daisen Park; Best time for cherry blossoms

Why not enjoy approx. 1000 cherry blossoms in the park surrounded by the greenery and history among the Kofun (ancient tombs)!

Daisen Park is the symbolic park of Sakai City surrounded by the greenery and history spread between the tomb of Emperor Nintoku and tomb of Emperor Richu.
The park has approx. 1,000 cherry trees. Visitors can observe cherry trees such as Yaebenishidare (Cerasus spachiana) and Shirohigansidare (Prunus pendula) on the Cherry Road and Chishimazakura (Cerasus nipponica) and Oyamazakura (Cerasus sargentii) in the Rock Garden.
This park with rich nature is the home of Sakai City Museum, the Central Library, a Japanese garden and a large grass field, etc. where visitors can enjoy strolling.

Information source : Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Daisen Park

2-204, Mozusekiun-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai



Nearest station
5 minutes on foot from JR Hanwa line "MOZU" station

Mid March - Late April *The schedule may be advanced or postponed due to the state of the flowers.

Admission fee
Admission free