Land Procession / River Procession Viewing Seat Ticket-Tenjin Matsuri Festival

Have a real experience of Tenjin Matsuri Festival!!

Both of tour visit Tenjinbashi-suji and Tenmangu Shrine, the former of which is Japan’s longest shopping street and venue of Tenjin Matsuri, one of Japan’s Three Great Festivals.Watch the procession, one of Tenjin Matsuri’s main events, from a viewing seat.

◆Land procession: During the procession, celebrants numbering 3,000 in total parade around carrying palanquins including portable Shinto shrines.
◆River procession: During the procession, the members of the parade and palanquins are paraded up and down Okawa river on boat, including a boat with the divine palanquin. A display of fireworks is also launched.

Information source : Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Naniwabashi, Tenmabashi, Sakuranomiya


July 25(Wed), 2018

Admission fee
◆Land Procession Viewing Seat at Naniwabashi) 5,000yen

◆River Procession Dedication Fireworks Display Viewing Seat at Tenmabashi
 ・SS seat/10,000yen
 ・SS seat with bento food box/11,500yen (including Osaka specialty Billiken "the god of good luck" bento・stall ticket 300yen) 
 ・S seat/8,500yen
 ・S seat with bento food box/10,000yen (including bento・stall ticket 300yen)
 ・A seat/6,000yen
 ・A seat with bento food box/7,500yen (including bento・stall ticket 300yen)