Sakai Knife Festival

The cutlery of Sakai is traditional craft with history, which has long been revered by top-class cooks. The Knife Festival will have a large variety of events including exhibition and sale, craft demonstrations and cutlery clinic, etc.

A fair to promote Sakai’s traditional cutlery industry where a variety of events are planned, including exhibition and sale, craft demonstrations like traditional forging, and cutlery clinic (sharpening of knives and scissors), etc.
There are also many other cutlery-related events such as a talk show with Chinese food specialist Kazuhiko Tei.

Information source : Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Sakai City Industrial Promotion Center

183-5, Nagasone-cho, Kita-ku, Sakai



April 21 (Sat)-22 (Sun), 2018 10:00-16:00

Admission fee
Admission free *Blade sharpening 1,000 yen /piece; up to two pieces/person. There are also other paid events