Osaka Port Cruise Santa Maria


Enjoy the Osaka Bay with a cruise on “Santa Maria”

Cruising around the Osaka bay area

There are many interesting places at Osaka bay area, ranging from Kaiyukan aquarium, Tempozan bridge, and Universal Studios Japan. 
The cruise ship Santa Maria goes around this area from 11 am to sunset on an hourly basis.

Inspired by Christopher Columbus’s ship “Santa Maria”

The design of Santa Maria has been inspired by the ship of Christopher Columbus which found the American continent and constructed it in a 2-times scale.
Inside the ship, there are items related to Columbus and the Age of Discovery, so the tourists can enjoy the ship itself in addition to the amazing view outside.

The exhilarating deck

The day cruise goes around the Osaka bay in 45 minutes. The ship departs the deck on the hour every hour from 11 am to 5 pm. (depends on the day)
As you feel the nice wind, enjoy the dynamic view of the bay area from the deck.

The romantic Twilight Cruise

Since Osaka bay is facing towards the West, you can see the beautiful sunset in the dusk.
The Twilight Cruise which departs at sunset will produce a romantic atmosphere. (Reservation required)

Spend a luxurious time on Santa Maria

There are discounts available for purchasing bundle tickets with Kaiyukan or the Ferris wheel at the bay area. Why don’t you enjoy the immersive view of Osaka with the cruise on Santa Maria?

Name of the facility
Osaka Port Cruise Santa Maria

Kaiyukan Entrance Building 2F 1-1-10 Kaigandori, Minato-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
Osakako Station (Osaka Metro Chuo line)▶10 min. walk from exit 1

Nearest bus stop
Right by Tempozan Harbor Village bus stop (City bus)

Business hours
■Day Cruise 11:00-17:00(Possible for irregular operations) ※Only the Countdown Cruise on December 31st.

Admission fee
■Day Cruise (45 minutes) Adult 1,600 yen/ Child (Elementary school student) 800 yen ■Twilight Cruise (Reservation needed, 60 minutes) Adult 2,100 yen/ Child (Elementary school student) 1,050 yen