Expo Commemoration Park


Meet the stunning Tower of the Sun standing in the great nature at “Expo Commemoration Park”

This park accommodates cultural, sports, and leisure facilities and is filled with nature. In addition to the famous “Tower of the Sun,” there are facilities such as Natural and Cultural garden, Japanese-style garden, and National Museum of Ethnology.
Also, the adjacent facilities such as the mall EXPOCITY and a large-scale museum NIFREL, consisting of aquarium, zoo, and art gallery, invites visitors from young to old to enjoy the visit.

The symbol of Osaka’s Expo Commemoration Park

Expo Commemoration Park is the area where Japan Expo, the first expo held in Asia, was held. The park has been renovated as a ”
cultural park surrounded by nature” which is being loved by locals.
The famous Tower of the Sun designed by Taro Okamoto is being exhibited here in the park.

The secret about the Tower of the Sun

The tower has three faces, the “golden face” which represents the future, the “face of the sun” which represents the current, and the “black sun” that represents the past.
Inside the tower, there is a “sun below the earth” that has been the hidden fourth face. The face has been restored and will be made public from March 19th. The mysterious existence will draw further attention to the tower.

Enjoy riding the boat at the Yumenoike

Children can enjoy playing on the playground or riding boats and bicycles.
With the boat, you can enjoy cruising, and you may see grebe and cormorant if you’re lucky.

The large and beautifully-maintained garden

At the park, there are cultural facilities like Japan Folk Crafts Museum Osaka along with sports facilities and Japanese garden.
The garden filled with Japanese tradition will allow you to explore the nature and the changing seasons.

The hill of seasonal flowers

The park is famous for its cherry blossoms, but it’s also famous for other flowers like tulips, poppy, chamomile, and cosmos in the fall.
The nature park has many flowers for you to enjoy, while the Japanese garden entertains its visitors with plum and lotus flowers.

Name of the facility
Expo Commemoration Park

Senribampaku Koen, Suita-shi



Nearest station
■Bampaku-kinen-koen Station (Osaka Monorail line)
■Kōen-higashiguchi Station (Osaka Monorail line)

Business hours
9:30-17:00 (Last entry at 16:30)

Regular holiday
Wednesdays (If Wednesday is a holiday, the next day will be closed)
※The park will be open all week during the period from April to the Golden Week, October, and November.

Admission fee
Natural and Cultural park & Japanese-style garden /Adult 250 yen, Elementary and Middle school student 70 yen
(Visitor can access both gardens with the ticket)