Cherry tree rows by the Tamakushi River

Rows of cherry trees along the Tamakushi River running north-south through the residential area of the eastern part of Yao City.

Young someiyoshino cherry trees planted with the collaboration of the neighbors have grown up to make a blossom tunnel in the spring with about 1,000 trees, extending for 5 km.
You can also enjoy cherry blossoms lighted-up with bonbori lamps at night on the north side of Yamamoto High School.

Information source : Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Along the Tamakushi River 2 km northward and 3 km southward from the Kintetsu Osaka Line Kawachi-Yamamoto Station

Kintetsu "Kawachiyamamoto" station Kintetsu "Takayasu" station Kintetsu "Onji" station About 5 to 10 minutes on foot from each station


Late-March to mid-April * The schedule may be advanced or postponed according to the state of the flowers.

Admission fee
Admission free