Amanosan Kongoji Temple Fall Foliage Peak Viewing Times

Mt. Amanosan a famously beautiful viewing spot for autumn leaves in Kawachinagano City. Every year, the area boasts breathtakingly beautiful views.

Kongoji Temple boast approximately 1,300 years of history atop Mt. Amanosan.
The temple’s gardens are a resplendent traditional rock garden that takes on the color of the foliage, allowing visitors to savor the natural beauty.

Information source : Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Amanosan Kongoji Temple

996 Amanocho, Kawachinagano



Late October - Late November 2018 *Best viewing dates may change depending on weather conditions

Admission fee
*Monastery entrance fee: Adults - 200 yen Children - 100 yen *Main temple: Adults - 400 yen Children 200 yen *A combination ticket is also available for adults for 500 yen