Hozenji Yokocho


Discovering delicious gourmets at Hozen-ji Yokocho

Despite its location in downtown Minami Osaka, the calm and quiet street accommodates places such as traditional Japanese restaurants, bars, Okonomiyaki restaurants, kushi katsu restaurants.
In the center of the street, there is Mizukake Fudou shrine, which many visitors visit.

The unique restaurants located throughout the street

It is said that Hozen-ji Yokocho started from the food stands which were aimed at the visitors who came to Hozen-ji temple.
The area starts to crowd in the nighttime after the lantern light up.

Enjoying the gourmets at Hozen-ji Yokocho

Within the 2 streets which range to 80 meters in length with 3 meters in width, there are numerous restaurants such as traditional cuisine and bars.
Enjoy eating the delicious dishes in the retro-like street.

The narrow street with nice atmosphere

While preserving the atmosphere in the past, Hozen-ji Yokocho continues to appeal to many people.
The calm atmosphere in the area is hard to believe considering the crowded Dotonbori locating next to the area.

Seeing the jizo statue by the street

In the area, many popular restaurants are located to satisfy the customers.
By the road connected with Hozen-ji temple, there was a jizo statue being enshrined.

Walking down the retro street

The restaurants vary in genres, and there are many popular restaurants being loved by the locals.
Let’s find a restaurant that you find interesting by walking down the street.
Hozen-ji Yokocho is a popular sightseeing place where you can experience the local atmosphere of Osaka.

Name of the facility
Hozenji Yokocho

Around 1 Nanba, Chuo-ward, Osaka-shi

Nearest station
Namba Station (Osaka Metro Midosuji line, Osaka Metro Sennichimae line, Kintetsu line, Nankai line)▶5 min. walk