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【Namba Outskirts】A Yakiniku restaurant at Aiaubashi Street where you can eat “A4 rank or above” Japanese Wagyu beef for a reasonable price!

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Osaka which has become a synonym for “affordable and delicious”.
Also here at “Chuo Ward Sennichimae” which is directly located at the Kintetsu Nippombashi Station there are many restaurants.
Did you know that there is a restaurant where you can enjoy carefully selected “Japanese Wagyu beef” for a reasonable price?
This restaurant is called 『Yakiniku Densetsu Baribari』!
We introduce this restaurant which has also been covered by the media several times!

Eat this when you visit Yakiniku Densetsu Baribari!

The meat is high quality Japanese Wagyu beef purchased from an original route with an A4, almost A5 rank!
Next to the standard cuts like short rib, outside skirt, loin and tongue you can also enjoy rare cuts.
Picture of Wagyu beef lean meat
Something we definitely want you to try when you visit the restaurant is the “Japanese Wagyu beef lean meat”
Depending on the purchase you can taste rare cuts of Wagyu lean meat like “bottom flap meat”, “flank steak”, “bone-less short ribs” and “neck”.
Even rare cuts which are usually not available can be eaten here in a relaxed atmosphere!

Large portions and surprisingly affordable prices!

At this restaurant the affordable average price per customer is 2,000 Yen~ 3,000 Yen!
Besides the affordable standard menu, even rare cuts like “neck” and “bottom flap meat” are surprisingly cheap with 890 and 980 Yen!

Some people might think “is it cheap because the portions are small!?”, but the portions per person do not differ from the portions of other restaurants!
On the contrary cuts like the “calf’s tongue” are thickly cut and so satisfying that you think “is this price ok for a portion like this!?”.

The information on this page may differ from the latest information.
Please check the latest information before your visit.

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Name of the facility
Yakiniku Densetsu Baribari

1-7-2 Sennichimae, Chuo Ward, Osaka City



Nearest station
"Nippombashi" Station▶ 5 minutes' walk

Business hours
PM 5:00~ Next day AM 3:00(Last order AM 2:00 of the following day)

Regular holiday
No regular holidays

2000 Yen~ 3000 Yen