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“Japanese cuisine” which is a registered UNESCO intangible cultural heritage​ and one of the things visiting tourist look forward to the most according to a survey.
Not only the taste but also the skillful technique and the beautiful arrangement of the dishes fascinate many people.

There are numerous restaurants offering Japanese cuisine in Osaka but we introduce a store which is proud of an amazing customer return rate!
Its name is “Washoku Kurukuru”
This restaurant’s motto is “enjoying Japanese cuisine lightheartedly” and its special ingredients as well as the captivating beautiful arrangement of the dishes are fascinating!

Maybe you will find yourself walking towards the restaurant after reading this article!?

This is “Washoku Kurukuru’s” unique pleasure!

Picture of Enjoy Japan Set

For tourists who come from overseas we recommend the “Enjoy Japan Set ¥2500” which lets you enjoy Japanese cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere!
Starting with the “Appetizer of the day” this set allows you enjoy Japanese cuisine to the full extent with a “Japanese-style vegetable pie”, an “Assortment of Sashimi”, an “Assortment of Tempura” and “Yamato Beef Teppanyaki​”.
All the dishes are arranged beautifully and make you want to take a picture.

In addition to the appearance the restaurant emphasizes the ingredients in a similar way.
All ingredients are carefully selected including the meat, “Yamato Beef”, a rare brand beef from Nara Prefecture, fresh and seasonal vegetables directly delivered by farmers and fresh fish directly delivered by a fisherman in Hagi Oshima Island.

Moreover, the dishes made with cooking techniques which draw out the original “deliciousness” of the ingredients are “Washoku Kurukuru’s” unique pleasure! Since the “Yamato Beef” is raised with carefully examined high quality fodder it contains lots of “Oleic acid” which is said to be good for the body. Its characteristics are the fat with a good melt-in-the-mouth feeling​ and its flavorful taste.
By the way, the “Oleic acid” is thought to have a preventive effect against lifestyle disease.

~Enjoy dishes with the five senses~

Picture of the dishes①

Since Washoku Kurukuru wants more people to “lightheartedly enjoy Japanese Cuisine” the restaurant continues to raise the ingredients’ quality and hold down the prices as much as possible to allow you enjoying several dishes through trial and error.
We introduce Washoku Kurukuru’s dishes which you can enjoy with your five senses!

◆Enjoy with the eyes

The dishes which are colorful and so beautifully arranged that people are fascinated are one form of art!
You will take a picture without any doubt!
Surely you will want to keep hold of this good taste in a picture!

◆Enjoy the fragrance

The ingredients’ fragrance can be felt all the more because they are so fresh.
How about also enjoying the fragrance of the ingredients’ good taste stimulating your appetite!?

◆Enjoy the sound

The sound you can hear the moment when you grill the “Yamato Beef” on the Teppan grill plate is the signal for the moment of extreme bliss you can enjoy soon.
Please enjoy the time until the meat is grilled with your ears.

◆Enjoy the texture

Please also enjoy the food texture of soft meat of the finest quality and a variety of textures of fresh vegetables!

◆Enjoy the taste

The impression of the taste which lasts even after you have enjoyed the taste sufficiently with your tongue will certainly be a memory!
Please taste one dish after the other without rushing.

Tasting it with all of the five senses allows you to feel the charm of Japanese cuisine together with its profundity!

The information on this page may differ from the latest information.
Please check the latest information before your visit.

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Name of the facility
Japanese cuisine with meat and vegetables Washoku Kurukuru

2-12-8 Shimanouchi, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, TOW Building 2F



Nearest station
Osaka Metro Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line Nagahoribashi Station▶ 6 minutes' walk
Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line Nagahoribashi Station▶ 6 minutes' walk

Business hours
PM 5:00~PM 11:00(Last order PM 10:30)

Regular holiday
No regular holidays

3500 Yen

※In case of cancellation until one day before (only for courses), a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged on the day of reservation.

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