【LuggageDeposit / Co

【LuggageDeposit / CoinLockers Shinsaibashi】Do hands-free sightseeing in Osaka! Luggage deposit at a surprisingly low price!

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Relaxing during your free time from sightseeing around Osaka

All rooms are lockable private rooms
The internet environment is perfect too!

Actually ”Cabinet Shinsaibashi Store” is not only a luggage deposit service!
You can also rest and relax in a private room on the occasion of depositing your luggage!
The cheapest plan is 83 Yen/hour!
The rooms are complete ”private rooms” and not ”semi private rooms” which are divided by partitions or thin walls.
Moreover! All rooms are lockable, there is a women’s floor and the security system is perfect!
It’s pleasant that you can use it without any troublesome membership registration.

There are rooms equipped with computers and rooms without computers, in the rooms without computers you can borrow a tablet for free and enjoy the free web manga movie content or make plans where to go next while taking a rest.
Prior online reservation is available.

Even if you do not use the facility

You can also just use the shower
Powder Room

At ”Cabinet Shinsaibashi Store” you can use only the coin lockers without using the facility!
And you can only use the shower as well!

”Cabinet Shinsaibashi Store” is recommended for depositing luggage as well as a place of rest.
Please use it when coming to Osaka and enjoy your sightseeing to the maximum degree!

Kobe Sannomiya Store will open on 2019.5.20 (Mon)!
Please use it when visiting Kobe.

CABINET Kobe Sannomiya Store

Koyo Bldg. 5F, 1-3-6, Kitanagasa-dori, Chuo-ward, Kobe-shi, Hyogo


Nearest station
■Kobe Sannomiya Station (Hankyu Kobe line)▶1 min. walk from Both East and West exit
■Kobe Sannomiya Station (JR Kobe line)▶1 min. walk from West exit

Business hours
Open 24 hours

Regular holiday
No Holidays

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Name of the facility
Cabinet Shinsaibashi store

Fukutaro Shinsaibashi Bldg. 4F - 5F , 1-5-27 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ward, Osaka-shi



Nearest station
■Shinsaibashi Station (Osaka Metro Each line)▶1 min. walk from exit 7
■Namba Station (Osaka Metro Each line)▶6 min. walk from exit 25

Business hours
Open 24 hours

Regular holiday
No Holidays

【Coin Lockers】
■S: 200 Yen/day
■M: 300 Yen/day
■L: 500 Yen/day

【Front Cloakroom】
■300 Yen/day (depositing, withdrawing and adding luggage as you please)

【Ecbo cloakroom】
■1 piece less than 45 cm: 300 Yen/day
■1 piece 45 cm and bigger: 600 Yen/day

【Delivery to Kansai International Airport】
■2,500 Yen/day