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〜Samurai & Ninja experience〜 Learning Japanese mindset in Kitahorie, Osaka

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One of the popular Japanese cultures is “Samurai and Ninja.”
In Japan, children used to play “chanbara,” where they would use sticks as a sword and battle with each other as Samurai or Ninja.
Nowadays, chanbara is not as common as it was in the past, but there are still many popular films and mangas which spotlights Samurai and Ninja as main characters, appealing to many viewers worldwide!
Maybe you may have once thought that you want to be a Samurai or Ninja.
Interestingly, there is a place in Osaka where you can actually experience being a Samurai or Ninja!

That is the “Samurai/Ninja Lesson” conducted by the Japan Tatedo Association.
This lesson is very popular among foreign tourist because the English-speaking instructor teaches the use of Japanese sword and movement step-by-step.
Visitors can actually take the lesson while wearing Samurai and Ninja costumes, so it’s a great opportunity to make some good memories.



Experiencing the Japan Tatedo Association’s Tatedo (Samurai/Ninja lesson)

Japanese sword fighting was initially a very special skill, which only the people in acting were able to learn. Here, however, everyone can casually learn the techniques.
The contents of the lessons are different based on the courses. The most popular one is the 60 minutes regular course.
When imagining Samurai lessons, it may seem like it is popular among men. But there are actually many women who take this course as well. This course if popular among a wide range of ages, and there are also families who take the course together.

First, the students choose their Kimonos and start the lesson with Japanese style greeting.
Next, they learn how to hold and battle with others using a Japanese sword with a replica. After learning how to battle, students will actually experience a 1-minute battle scene with samurai or ninja.

At first, you may be a little nervous, but eventually, you will start to enjoy and really feel like an actual Samurai!
The movement looks more sophisticated when you neatly perform the basic forms!

By actually experiencing “Tsubazeriai” (Sword fighting) and “Makkogiri” (Slicing objects with a sword), the visitors can feel the excitement of Japanese sword fighting.
But that’s not the only thing you can learn!
The gist of this lesson is that you can also learn the feeling of courtesy, respect, and posture which is the fundamental aspect of traditional Japanese culture!
Tatedo is the combination of “sword fighting” and “emotional training.”
Japan Tatedo Association conducts this lesson to allow people around the world to know and experience the traditional Japanese culture.

Please enjoy feeling the traditional culture from multiple aspects.

After the lesson, many people say that they enjoyed the experience or that their dream had finally come true.

The way to enjoy Tatedo is uncountable!
You can enjoy experiencing the Japanese culture and make good memories, or simply enjoy exercising!
Since this activity can be enjoyed while actually exercising, you may not feel as tired as other sports. It’s a great way to refresh, too!
You will definitely feel exhilarated after taking the course.
~Additional services!~
After the lesson, you can receive video clips of you practicing sword fighting for free! You can again enjoy looking back at the precious experience.

Additionally, you can receive presents with a game of Shuriken (throwing stars), and the school provides courses wherein visitors can have an opportunity to talk with Samurais and Ninjas!

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Name of the facility
Japan Tatedo Association

3F Imai Building, 1-1-27, Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka



Nearest station
■Yotsubashi Station (Osaka Metro Yotsubashi line)▶1 min. walk
■Shinsaibashi Station (Osaka Metro Midosuji line)▶7 min. walk